Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients and customers, both big and small, with outstanding service, fair pricing and results oriented solutions.  Our experience and technical knowledge enable us to provide you with extensive product knowledge, technical assistance, honest advice, short and long-term stocking solutions, educated information and legitimate value engineering.  Being one of the largest stocking distributors on the East Coast, we have excellent resources at our disposal; Manufacturers, Industry Leaders, Architects, Rep Agencies and Lighting Designers.

Who We Are Not:

One of the most common questions we get are, “…how have you been here all this time and I never knew…?”  The simple answer is, we fly under the radar, on purpose. We are essentially a no-frills, old school, stocking lighting distributor.  We work hard, we hustle. We try to go the extra mile.  We don’t have flashy marketing, elaborate golf outings or 30 sales people taking executives out for expensive dinners.  Plainly said, we don’t play games, we don’t politic and we don’t take advantage of our customers; we just don’t have the time.  We come to work in jeans, ready to work and do what is required to complete each project.  We quietly keep our warehouse stocked with quality products that perform well, field proven, without inflated pricing.  Don’t misunderstand, we have access to every type and brand of lighting available, high end to low; we will provide whatever is requested from the client with pleasure.  However, the manufacturers we choose to stock is a who’s-who of quality products that perform appropriately and are well built.  Call us, we’re glad to help you, we probably have it in stock (ask some of our competitors).

Our pricing and information is honest and fair, we expect the same in return from manufacturers as well as our customers and clients.  If you’re looking for a “deal” or an “arrangement”, please don’t call us.  JPR believes in the old school values of working hard, being educated, providing quality service and products with a fair mark up.  Period.